Terms of Business

By booking a driving lesson or a course, the terms and conditions were accepted!

Driving Lessons:
Deregistration / illness / accident (driving lessons)
Cancellations due to prevention must be made 48 hours in advance. Cancellations due to illness or
accident require a medical certificate and can therefore be canceled at short notice.


The dates are discussed and agreed in the driving lessons.
Appointment reminder and correctness of registration is the responsibility of the learner.
Decisive at the actual time is the schedule of the driving school.
Unexcused non-appearance will be charged in full. No refund possible!


Subscriptions, individual driving lessons and insurance are always to be paid in advance in cash.
The payment by bills is currently not possible.
(Still under investigation) When paying with Maestro or V-Pay
1.5% transaction fees will be charged.
When paying by credit card 2.5% transaction fees will be charged.
When pre-order a subscription or voucher on the homepage, the subscription will be sent
immediately after receipt of payment by mail.


Validity period subscription:
Released subscriptions must be obtained within 2 years. No refund on balances possible. Not


With each recommendation or transfer you benefit from a free lesson or 50 francs in cash!
Prerequisite: The student must solve at least a 5-course subscription at Fahrschule-Marcio or
complete 6 driving lessons.
Insurance Cat.B (Car)
The insurance is compulsory and has to be paid separately (not included in the lesson price). He is
100 CHF. With the one-off payment of the insurance portion per training (valid for a maximum of 2
years), you are sufficiently insured against damage and accident.
Uninsured are gross negligence. Will not be refunded at the change of driving school.

Duration of the lesson:
A driving lesson lasts 45 minutes including questions, meetings, appointments.
Lessons outside the Zurich region (15Km). Are offered for organizational reasons only in double
lessons. (2 x 45min).
Lessons Cat.B (Control Trips)
Are offered for organizational reasons only in double lessons. (2 x 45min).


First Aid courses:
ID card: A valid passport / ID / Ausländerausweis must be presented before the course starts.


The registration is binding. With the registration the AGB`s were accepted and accepted.


Course fee:
The course fee must be paid in cash on the first day of the course before the beginning of the course.


Course language:
The courses are conducted in German. (if required, an English or Portuguese course can be offered
here). The instructor has the right to exclude participants if they can not follow the course, because
they do not understand the language or only insufficiently and thus disturb the teaching. Persons
may be taken for translation at their own expense. The 1 1/2 day course amounts to 10 hours. This is
offered as an intensive course each in 1 1/2 days of attendance. Only those who complete the entire
course will receive a course confirmation.


For all courses and events organized by Fahrschule-Marcio and its course organizers, we exclude any
liability for damages incurred. You are therefore responsible for a sufficient insurance coverage. The
use of the training rooms is at your own risk. For theft and loss of items can the driving school Marcio
and their organizer are not made liable.


Cancellation, no-show:
Cancellations without costs can be submitted in writing by mail to:
info@fahrschule-marcio.ch up to 5 working days before the beginning of the course.
- Less than 5 working days will be charged 100% of the course cost.
- In case of no-show, unexcused stay away 100% of the course costs will be charged.
If a prevented participant can organize a substitute for the booked course, no course costs will be


Illness or accident:
If you are unable to attend the course due to illness or accident, you must report this immediately
and you must submit a medical certificate no later than 5 working days after the start of the course.
It is up to the course organizer to decide whether fees for activities are levied.


The certificate must be submitted to the following address:
Driving School Marcio
Nothelfer courses
Bachtelstrasse 19
8123 Ebmatingen


Unpaid bills:
If the invoice is not paid on time, an immediate action is initiated. This leads to loss of credit for debt
collection information such as housing search, lending etc ...


For a smooth course of the course participants expect a collegial and cooperative behavior. If the
course is hindered by inappropriate or disturbing behavior of a participant, the instructor is free to
exclude it after a verbal warning from the course. The exclusion does not entitle you to a refund of
the course fee.


Course cancellation:
With us you get a performance guarantee. Except in case of Illness or accident!


All legal relationships with the driving school Marcio are subject to Swiss law. Jurisdiction is the seat
of the driving school Marcio in Ebmatingen / Maur. There is always a solution :)