Car driving lessons:

Automatic / manual switched!

Here you learn all the steps from the base to safe driving.


- Vehicle operation

- Preschool- maneuvers

- Main training

- Perfection

- Training

Motorcycle basic courses

The compulsory basic courses "Motorcycle" for the driver's license can be found here! Basic courses 1 & 2 are compulsory for all scooters and motorcycles. Everything over 11 kW (kilowatts) must attend the 3rd course and then take a practical exam!

Basic course 1: 4 hours

Course 1 "maneuvers".

Here you will learn a lot about clothing and operational safety. In addition, the relevant maneuvers that you must master the test!

Basic course 2: 4 hours

Course 2: Emergency brake and driving in traffic.

Here you will learn the correct behavior in the case of an emergency brake, the meshing on the road, right front and the roundabout. So, you learn how to move more safely in traffic.


Basic course 2a: 2 hours

Course 2a: Short combination of course 1 & 2:

here the elements which were transmitted in the course 1 & 2 with 8 hours, within 2 hours are repeated and again strengthened.


Basic course 3: 4 hours​

​Basic Course 3: "Curve Technique".

The three different braking phases. Here you will learn the correct curve selection! Braking at higher speeds and evasive maneuvers.

Maneuver Training on the Forch

Visit Maneuver Training on the Forch.

Price: 40.- Fr.

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting point -> Forch

Registration under:

+4179 751 00 69 or info@fahrschule-marcio.ch

Registration is mandatory.

Registration until 24h before the maneuver training.


Next meetings:

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