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Whether car or motorcycle lessons they were given in 6 languages!




Car Driving Lessons

Here you will learn to drive in today's traffic with the latest techniques, tips and tricks. Safety in traffic, right of way, speeding and lane design. Ecological and Economics driving are also Topics in the classroom. automatic and Manual Shift.


Motorcycle Driving Lessons

Here you learn in 3 courses safety-relevant things in road traffic, your motorcycle and the equipment! , The subjects in the basic courses are: course 1: maneuver, course 2: emergency brake and driving in traffic, course

3: technique of rotation.


Motorcycle basic courses:

You can find the compulsory basic courses for the leader exam here! Sins 2021 Basic courses 1-3 are compulsory for all scooters and motorcycles. All over 11-35 Kw. (Kilowatts) must pass in between 1 Year a practical exam!


Control ride

You already have a driver's license from your country. Now you need the swiss license. To do this, I'll train you on the way to the check-driving exam!

Help with the theory exam


Here I like to support for 60 min. For 60.-
• Precedence of right
• roundabout
• signals
• bids
• prohibitions


Prices / Payment

Subscriptions, individual driving lessons and insurance are always to be paid in advance in cash.
The payment by bills is currently not possible.



In the following languages: German, English, Portuguese


The way to the driving license 

In the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Motorcycle Maneuvering Courses 2021

Kaltensteinstrasse 12, 8127 Forch

.- Fr.

See you next Yeat 2021 

on demand!

Basic Courses 2020:

Motorcycle Basic Course 1

Fr. 13.11. 16:00 - 20:00h 2 Places

on demand. 


Motorcycle Basic Course 2

Sa. 14.11. 13:00 - 17:00h 2 Places

on demand.

Motorcycle Basic Course 2a

On demand.

Motorcycle Basic Course 3

So. 15.11. 08:00 - 12:00h

on demand.

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