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Point 1: emergency aid course

Whoever is interested in acquiring a learning driving license of category A, A1, (motorcycle)

B or B1 (car) registers, must prove that the course was completed through life-saving emergency measures (emergency aid course).The course must be carried out by a recognized organization and must not be more than 6 years ago. e.g. flying instructors

Point 2: learning driving license

You can obtain application forms for the learning driving license from the road traffic office in your canton of residence.


Zurich Road Traffic Office Link:


-- > Strassenverkehrsamt Zürich  Link:

In various cantons, the forms are also available from the city / municipal administrations or police stations.


1. Fill out the form completely and answer all questions


2. Carry out an eye test at an ophthalmologist or in a recognized optician. The result is entered directly on the application form. Eye tests must not be older than 24 months.


3. 1 or 2 colored passport photos are required for registration.


4. The residents' control of the place of residence must confirm your identity when you first submit your application.

Point 3:Theory test

With the help of flash cards and books you can easily learn the theory on the go. After receiving admission to theory, you are entitled to, to take the theory test. After passing the theory test and reaching the minimum age, you will receive the learning driving license by post.

Point 4: Drivelesson whit the L

Now until you are authorized to book lessons with your driving instructor. From my experience it is always good to book a double lesson at the beginning.


Tip: Take a notebook with you so you can write down a lot and so your parents or your co-driver know what to do, and especially HOW!

Point 5: traffic science lessons (VKU)

You take the traffic science lessons with a driving instructor. See that you do it right after the start of your driving lessons. Without the confirmation of the VKU, no exam date can be booked!

Point 6:Motocycle:

Motorcycle basic course:

125 ccm / 11 kW = 2 courses of 4 hours each (8 hours)

All over 11 kW = 3 courses of 4 hours (12 hours)

You will complete the practical basic training with a driving instructor within 4 months. The ID card will be extended by 12 months.

Attention: If you do not have a driving license B (car) you have to all the points (1-3)!

Point 7: practical exam

Now it's time to take the exam! You have usually made an appointment with your driving instructor at your chosen testing location about 6 weeks beforehand. This lasts between 40 and 50 minutes.

Point 8: Continuing Education Course (WAB)

Because safety is the be-all and end-all in road traffic, you have to attend a training day in the first year after the driving test. You can register for this at recognized course providers.